we find joy in everything we do.
we exist to tell authentic stories through the power of media.
our purpose is to provide a transparent process to our clients
so they can inspire conscious choices and help the world
become a better place for generations to come.


Pure Souls has been capturing the community‚Äôs imagination and altering the city’s visual landscape with our original take on yoga photography since 2010. Our passion lies in our desire to reveal the grace in each human body. To watch each yogi express their own vision of the posture in harmony with the environment is captivating.

Josephine began her yoga journey in 2000. With 200 hours of YTT, Kundalini, Yin, Kids Yoga Teacher Training under her bolster, she is familiar with the technical points of the pose. This background allows her to make a few suggestions before the photo is snapped. Because she has experienced the pose, she is able to connect and help interpret what the yogi is evoking.

Ian brings a solid masculine energy into each photo shoot with his keen eye for detail and love of all things technical. He constantly strives to make each shoot different from the last by catering to what the yogi is expressing through their physical practice.

Ian and Josie shoot from the heart. We believe that each individual is truly an authentic and unique being. You are who you are and we are here to connect with you and capture your essence. Through our ability to make individuality shine, we pay tribute to the infinite diversity that the community has to offer.

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People crave meaning and connection. Messages with flash may catch the eye but it’s the meaningful ones that get carried home and shared within the community. It’s pertinent that our work creates meaning and value for all those who participate.

We have limited time on this planet so we believe in making every moment count. For us, we make it count by finding clients who share our values and want to make our community a better place. That’s something we can get behind and it really shows.

Through collaboration and creation the essence of the project emerges. It’s the intangible but important element that makes your client feel good when they engage and participate with your message. This gives your visuals wings and lets them take a life of their own.